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  • Non-toxic and Environmentally friendly dry cleaning sets us apart from competitors
  • Warning!!
    • Ask your current dry cleaner if your clothes are being cleaned with Perchlorethylene (PERC), a solvent used by most of the dry cleaners in the industry. If so, this chemical may be putting you and your family at risk!!
    • The EPA has classifed PERC as a probable cancer-causing chemical that has been linked to liver, kidney, breast and central nervous system damage. It has been shown that PERC can cause infertility as well as several kinds of cancer in humans, including leukemia and cancer of the lung, cervix, liver, pancreas, skin, and esophagus. This chemical can also possibly be absorbed into breast milk. People are most likely exposed to PERC through skin absorbtion and emmisions that are released over time from the clothes that are cleaned with this solvent. All garments cleaned with PERC retain a certain percentage of the chemical after the cleaning process. Many states are considering outright bans.
    • Please "Google" Perchlorethylene (PERC or PCE) for further information.