Dry Cleaning

What is Dry Cleaning?

In spite of the name, dry cleaning is not completely dry. Fluids are used in the dry cleaning process.

Fluids are used to remove soils and stains from fabrics. Among the advantages of dry cleaning is the ability to dissolve grease and oils in a way that water cannot.

Impressed Dry Cleaning Corp. uses the IPURA cleaning process which redefines state-of-the-art technology in dry cleaning equipment

IPURA has a unique method of garment cleaning using environmentally safe Class III A Hydrocarbons. IPURA's cleaning technology removes oil and dirt from garments by a power wash, vapor phase process.

The IPURA is designed for typical everyday business and recreational garments as well as household and specialty items including but not limited to:

  • Bedspeads
  • Linens
  • Table Clothes
  • Drapes
  • Sofa/Chair Covers and Cushions
  • Blankets, Comforters, Decorative Pillows
  • Rugs, Draperies, Duvets, Shams
  • Angora, Cashmere, Mohair, and Pashmina Garments
  • Gowns
  • Wedding Dresses
  • Tuxedos
  • Equestrian Riding Garments (Riding Jackets, Jodhpurs, and Jeans...)
  • Uniforms (Police, Fire, Healthcare, Sports, Band...)
  • Furs, Leather, Suede
  • Hats, Stuffed Animals