Pickup and Delivery

Pressed for time? Just give us a call or email your request to us and we will gladly come to pickup your cleaning and return it to you within 2-3 business days.


Shirt Laundry:

Impressed has a shirt laundry service that will make your shirts look crisp and fresh with collars that look great. Our specially designed shirt machine achieves this look which is unachievable at home.

(Bulk) Laundry:

We have a commercial laundry department where we process machine washable only, and other items. Your laundry will be professionally washed and folded (or hung) whatever your preference. Any garments you send to us will come back looking IMPRESSIVE!

We also extend our pickup and delivery to this service as well.

Alterations & Repairs

Impressed Dry Cleaning is a full-service clothing care specialist. Alterations, Zippers, Waist and Hemming are some of the many services that we provide.

Buttons and Minor Repairs

Impressed Dry Cleaning will repair loose buttons or sew on new ones. Minor repairs are done FREE OF CHARGE, if necessary. We want your clothes to be ready to wear when you pick them up from us.

Fire & Flood Restoration

We work closely with the Insurance Company and the Insured to make claims processing more cost effective and time efficient by:

  • Processing Rush Orders
  • Working with the insured to identify garments that are outdated or those that are cheaper to replace than clean
  • Ensuring that there are no surprises by submitting an itemized quote for approval prior to cleaning
  • Itemizing and documenting total loss for your verification
  • On Site Inventory
  • Extensive Area of Coverage:
  • Impressed Dry Cleaning provides fire and flood restoration services to the Greater Central Ohio Area. As a result, we understand and anticipate the needs of both Insured and Insurance Company and strive towards a smooth and above expectations job completion.

  • Measurable Results

    Our salvage ratio is over 95%. Only clothes that respond are billed.

  • Excellent Facilities:
  • Modern Full Service Plant
  • Ozone Room
  • Storage Available for Short Periods
  • Fully Computerized for Accuracy
  • Delicate and Exotic Fabrics Expertise (including fine silks and Indian fabrics)